CaraTrak has designed the tracking device to communicate with the CaraTrak App for both Android and OIS platforms, to ensure you are notified immediately of any security issues and any problems with the pressure and temperature of your tyres.

All devices will come paired with your specific vehicle requirements.

We are giving you the option to either have a Thatcham approved system, or without Thatcham and have security alerts going straight to the CaraTrak App.

CaraTrak S7 with TPMS are Thatcham Certified for theft recovery. This means that your system will be monitored by a Thatcham authorised call centre 24/7 for 365 days a year and will have insurance approval by leading insurance companies.

We have two main Thatcham Certified products:

  1. CaraTrak S7 3 – with three paired TPMS sensors and Tracking
  2. CaraTrak S7 5 – with five paired TPMS sensors and Tracking.

There is an option to have one, two or three years subscription.

CaraTrak Standard Theft recovery with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System:

This device is not monitored by an external monitoring centre but still provides alerts by email and to your CaraTrak App.

This has a reduced subscription cost.

CaraTrak Traking Overview

Once your unit has been installed, regular updates on your caravan location will be displayed on the “MyCaraTrak App”.

When your vehicle is stationary you will receive six updates per day (every 4 hours) showing:

Your vehicle name.

Time of update/location.

Status: Armed/Disarmed

Armed – Your unit creates a 500-metre invisible geofence, should your device cross this threshold then your unit will go into alert mode and alarm.

Disarm – your device will not go into alert.

When travelling, the unit will send the same information every 30 minutes and this will also include direction of travel, speed, location and TPMS pressures and temperature.

Additional Information

Historic journey information will be stored and can be viewed in” MyCaraTrak App” and will be stored in date range.

Your journeys are detailed on your calendar. Select a single journey or multiple journeys and you will see your journey displayed on a map (this will also detail departure time, arrival time miles driven, and time taken).

 You can also access historical journey information from the CaraTrak website, login to your customer portal, select journey option (you have the additional option of printing your journeys).

Please feel free to look at CaraTraks FAQ’s here, alternatively – call our customer help line with any specific questions or email us here.