Thatcham is a non-profit making organisation set up by Insurers to investigate the cost of repair after an accident and to test original equipment and aftermarket security systems.

Thatcham have been testing and approving after-market security systems since 1993 and are the leading authority on security products and systems for the automotive industry.

Thatcham work with law enforcement agencies, the automotive industry, and insurers to assess potential physical and electronic vulnerabilities within vehicles and identifying the technology and ways to mitigate theft.

Therefore, fitting a Thatcham tested system to a vehicle dramatically reduces the risk of theft.


Thatcham award a product security certification for alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems that verifies the functionality, design, and performance of the tracking device.

Most insurers recognise Thatcham as a quality standard and some insurers will offer a discount to customers who have a Thatcham Approved Vehicle Tracking System.

Thatcham and CaraTrak

CaraTrak’s caravan and motorhome tracking systems are Thatcham Approved. When you receive your CaraTrak tracking device it will come with a unique certificate issued by Thatcham, giving you the reassurance of a quality tracking product. All Thatcham certified tracking systems must also have a subscription, this guarantees that your vehicle is being monitored 24/7.