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Caratrak 3/5 TPMS hardware can be bought directly on our website www.caratrak.co.uk, or by telephone (0800) or from our dealer network – click here to access Dealer Network.

Your Caratrak unit can be installed at our registered dealer network – click here to find your nearest dealer or contact us to arrange fitting at a time and location that meets your requirements.

Click here to find out how CaraTraks device works.

CaraTrak is supplied with two options (Thatcham certification must installed professionally and is part of the certification process). CaraTrak do offer a reduced subscription which does NOT include Thatcham, these units can be self-installed – click here for instructions.

CaraTraks TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is normally fitted by your dealer when purchased new. Customer who purchases direct via our website can only install TPMS sensors if the unit is NOT Thatcham enabled. Please click here for guidance on “How to fit your TPMS sensors”.

Yes, CaraTrak devices can be sold on but could need a service and battery replacement by the new user prior to subscription take up.

Battery levels are monitored and displayed on your CaraTrak App. CaraTrak will notify you by voice call should your battery require attention.

CaraTrak have designed this tracking device with a battery life that will exceed 3 years, battery levels are constantly monitored and can be changed as a service item for a small cost.

Rechargeable batteries pull current from your caravan’s Leisure battery and could stop operating when your Leisure battery runs flat or is removed.

Most insurance companies offer an insurance discount for Thatcham Certified S7 recovery devices.

Thatcham Certified CaraTrak units are monitored 24/7 by an approved external monitoring centre, these alerts are part of the certification and cannot be switched off. Your CaraTrak App will also notify you that your Caravan/Motorhome has been moved when “Armed” as will the Monitoring Centre.

CaraTrak units that have been purchased without Thatcham certification will only send email/App alerts, these can be turned off but by doing so, you risk not being warned that your unit has been moved when “Armed.”