Caravan Secure

How To Keep Your Caravan Secure

1. Secure your windows and doors

You should make sure the basics are covered before you do anything else. This means double-checking all the windows and doors are locked whenever you leave your caravan.

Additionally, you must regularly check the locks are in full working order and get them fixed as soon as possible if they’re not.

2. Secure your towing hitch

Hitch locks are one of the most popular caravan security devices around – and with good reason. If you don’t have a hitch lock, anybody could hitch their car to your caravan and drive it away. As you can imagine, they’re an essential piece of kit.

Once you have one of these, always make sure it’s locked except when hitching to and from your car. Once you’ve unhitched or hitched, reattach it. You can never be too cautious.

3. Secure your wheels

Another obvious choice to prevent the theft of your beloved touring caravan is a wheel clamp. This does exactly what it says on the tin – it locks your wheel to prevent the caravan from being towed away.

4. Get an alarm

There’s a fair amount of overlap between caravan security and general home security. After all, your caravan is your home away from home. That’s why an alarm is just as essential for your caravan as it is for a house or flat.

5. Store your caravan in a secure location

Given that your caravan is a holiday home and will be left vacant most of the year, where and how you store it is crucial.

  • Lock it to a security post at your home
  • Park it nose-first to your house so that thieves can’t easily hitch it to their car
  • Remove all valuables from the caravan to minimise the cost of a break-in
  • Leave the curtains open with no contents in sight to show there is nothing worth stealing left inside

6. Discreet property marking

Although marking your caravan won’t prevent it from being stolen, it will increase the chances of it being recovered.

Investing in a VIN chip kit for your caravan means the police can identify you as the owner if it’s recovered after being stolen. A VIN chip uses markings containing a caravan’s unique CRiS number (Central Registration & Identification Scheme), to keep a centrally accessible record of your caravan ownership.

All caravans manufactured after 2016 come equipped with a VIN chip. However, if your caravan was manufactured before 2016, you can order one from CRiS.

You could also look to register your caravan ownership on a general property registration website like Immobilise. This online checking service is used thousands of times each day by UK Police forces to trace owners of lost and stolen property.

7. Invest in a tracking device

Tracking Devices are probably the most high-tech security measure on this list and are a great addition to your caravan’s defenses.

Once fitted, a tracker allows you to pinpoint exactly where your caravan is at all times on a map, typically via a phone app. Some trackers even come equipped with alerts when they detect movement, so you’ll be informed the second something suspicious occurs. This means you can inform the police immediately.

Trackers drastically increase the chances of your caravan being recovered after being stolen. Therefore, it’s a good idea to display a sticker in the window of your caravan to notify potential thieves that your caravan has a tracker installed.