Caravan / Motorhome Safe

How To Keep Your Caravan Or Motorhome Safe?

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Carbon monoxide is an odourless, tasteless gas that can make you feel very unwell and can even kill. According to the NHS websitethe gas kills around 25 people a year in England and Wales and is known as the “silent killer”.
  • Poorly installed, maintained, or faulty cooking and heating devices are the main cause of accidental exposure to carbon monoxide. Although correctly fitted and well-maintained appliances should produce very little CO gas, even barbecues, for example, can produce carbon monoxide when they are working well.
  • That is why you should take preventative steps as well as look out for the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning which include headaches, feeling sick, stomach pains, confusion, tiredness, and shortness of breath.
  • Simple things you can do to prevent / lessen the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning include:
  • always cook barbeques outdoors – never take them into an awning or caravan.
  • have any gas appliances within your caravan serviced regularly.
  • if you are looking to warm up a motorhome or caravan, use a heater designed for that specific use.