CaraTrak Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

At CaraTrak we believe that your safety and the security of your caravan and motorhome are crucial. That’s why TPMS is provided as an integral part of our offering.

What is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?

tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tyres of various types of vehicles – including caravans and motorhomes.

 A TPMS reports real-time tyre pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a gauge, a pictogram display, a simple low-pressure warning light, or like CaraTrak direct to an App on your mobile phone.


Under inflated tyres are the number one cause of tyre failure.  Increased friction can cause the tyres to overheat, which can lead to premature wear, tread separation and blowouts.

A blowout while towing a caravan can be both costly and extremely dangerous. In 2018 Highways England report that there were 11-12 caravan tyre related accidents per day (nearly 4,000 every year).  Your caravan could be a write off, and your car can easily flip over resulting in damage to both your car and caravan, and the safety of your family – and to other vehicles and drivers on the road.

Further statistics include:

The French Sécurité Routière (a road safety organisation), estimates that 9% of all road accidents involving fatalities are attributable to tyre under-inflation, and the German DEKRA, (a product safety organisation), estimated that 41% of accidents with physical injuries are linked to tyre problems.

CaraTrak TPMS

Most Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems only provide information on tyre pressure after your journey has started. CaraTrak’s TPMS goes a stage further and informs you before you collect/hitch your vehicle.

Once you depart your tyre pressures and temperatures are constantly being monitored.

You will be alerted of any change in pressure via the MyCaraTrak App.

Main Features:

  • Tyre pressure measurements provided before you start on a journey
  • Measurements on tyre pressure and temperature, even while driving
  • Insufficient/excessive tyre pressure warning via MyCaratrak App
  • Correct tyre pressure allows fuel consumption to be optimised
  • Suitable for vehicles with 3 & 5 tyres
  • Additional sensors available for any number of tyres
  • Signal from Sensor in wheel to MyCaraTrak App via Bluetooth therefore no restrictions on distance from tyre sensor to the App.

Benefits of CaraTrak’sTPMS

The early recognition of the hazardous state of your tyres, before you start your journey, will enable you to resolve any issues you have with your tyres.

Alerting you immediately to any tyre issues also means that you can economically replace your tyres (if needed)– rather than buying tyres or needing a garage for assistance on route.

By having all your tyre inflated to their correct pressures will increase the life of your tyres and improve your fuel economy.

For every 10% of under-inflation on each tyre on a vehicle, a 1% reduction in fuel economy can occur.

Traditional TPMS’ require a sensor that is fitted to the tyre valve – which can lead to mechanical damage (the valve needs to be removed when you inflate your tyre, and when screwing the valve back it is very easy to cross the thread and the valve will become inoperable and a new one will have to be purchased).

CaraTrak’s sensors are inside the wheel rim, therefore completely resistant to failure.

Valve based TPMS are clearly visible and therefore can easily be stollen.

CaraTrak’s sensors aren’t visible so there is no risk of theft.

Tyre pressure and temperature data is sent to the MyCaraTrak App, where you’ll be notified of any potential problems immediately before you start your journey and during your journey as well.

Tyres properly inflated add greater stability, handling and braking efficiencies providing greater safety for the driver, the vehicle, the loads and others on the road.