About Us

Hi, I’m Nick Brown founder of CaraTrak. CaraTrak is part of Galleos Ltd a manufacturer of Internet of Things (anything that can connect to the internet) and specifically tracking systems for caravan manufacturers. We’ve been involved with iot systems now for over 10 years.

We established CaraTrak after listening to the concerns of caravan and motorhome owners and their Dealers.

CaraTrak is more than a tracking system. We also wanted to look at the safety of the caravans and motorhomes and found that horrendous accidents were caused due to problems with the vehicle’s tyres causing blow outs.

These accidents could be minimised if the owners knew in advance there was a problem with their vehicle’s tyre pressures and temperature.  We have therefore included Tyre Pressure Monitoring as part of our main system.

Having a tyre pressure monitoring system alongside the tracking of the caravan or motorhome, will provide owners with peace of mind for both the security of their vehicles and the safety for themselves and family.

We are selling CaraTrak mainly via Caravan and Motorhome dealers as they have a greater understanding of the needs of the owners. We also feel it’s important that when a customer leaves a dealer they’re still being looked after.

The CaraTrak App was designed to provide customers with more information about their vehicles, and journeys – tyre pressure, various alerts, where they’ve travelled, and key information before they even get into their vehicle. It also lets customers keep in touch with their dealer and the dealer with the customer.

Nick is not only the founder of CaraTrak, but he is also the main technical developer, and is passionate to continually make advancements in technology. Nick’s goal is to design, development and manufacture as much as possible in the UK.